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From Virtual to Reality: Converting Website Viewers to Visitors Through Gamification

We create personalized web experiences with an emphasis on interactivity

We live in a world where web users decide whether they like a website in under three seconds. Good websites are interactive, simple to navigate, and structured so users know exactly what a site is about in a single glance. To achieve these goals, clients send web designers like us double jumping to great heights, dodging giant barrels, and looking for shortcuts to save the princess. In other words, to unlock the web design hero achievement, you have to code like one…

Unlocking Achievements

Video games have upped the ante for web designers. They have redefined user experience, weaving interactivity and storytelling in a compelling way. Many video games are successful because they combine:

  1. Challenging content

  2. Pleasing graphics

  3. Effective user immersion in game play

Web designers can implement elements of video game design to create personalized experiences and more site engagement opportunities. We recently took on this boss battle of gamification with our client, The Fessenden School, a private day & boarding school in West Newton, Massachusetts.

Fessenden Open House RSVP Rating Concerns Page


The Fessenden School wanted to increase attendance to their fall open house event. The school’s track record of strong enrollment hinges upon the “aha!” moment that transpires when prospective families visit campus, therefore strong attendance at these events is important.


Create an open house microsite that will capture information from curious web visitors, serve up relevant content specific to to the site visitor’s needs, and convert web visitors to active event attendees.

“Click by Click” Storytelling

Check out the Fessenden Open House app

Follow Along!

Through owned and paid media channels, we drove prospective parents to an interactive microsite announcing Fessenden’s 2017 Open Houses, providing a unique opportunity for early engagement. 

To brand the site, we personalized the home page with an animation of one of Fessenden’s most notable buildings. Within seconds a visitor knows what this site is for. It’s sleek, it’s fun, and most of all, it’s engaging and simple to use.

Clicking on the RSVP button at the bottom of the screen brings a visitor to three poll questions about their priorities for their child’s education. Depending on the age range selected, the text is altered to equal input. Based on the visitor’s responses, relevant content is served up after the RSVP is complete, prompting them to further explore Fessenden’s world. Similar to gameplay, the user has some control over the story that’s being created.


The results of this integrated marketing campaign were impressive. Overall, the school had a 45% increase in 2017 Open House event attendees. GAME OVER! 

By implementing catchy animations and transitions, challenging the user to engage with the site, and immersing them in a task, we created that “on campus aha moment” through virtual personalization. #SavedthePrincess

Want to talk with us about implementing some of these gamifying ideas to gather qualified leads?

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