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How to Repurpose Print Content to Build Your Brand Message

When creating content to market your business, think beyond single use applications. What are your long term messaging needs? Think about how you can maximize content for use across several platforms to save costs and build your brand message through repetition.

When creating collateral for your business to reach out to big prospects, consider ways you might be able to use that same content for other objectives. For example, you could pare down a “long form” brochure to create smaller pieces for wider distribution at trade shows and networking events to save cost. The custom campaign kit we designed for the New Hampshire Boat Museum demonstrates this well. We included a detailed brochure about their capital campaign, but also used snippets of the information contained within it to create a unique infographic map, and datasheets for more informal distribution.

Repurposing Content : New Hampshire Boat Museum

Similarly, we created a 4-page article for our client, Malden Catholic, that served as the center spread for its 2014-2015 Annual Report. We then reprinted the 4-page handout as a standalone piece to distribute in a separate campaign.

Repurposing Content : Malden Catholic

Brainstorm ways to alter collateral in a way that creates a sense of permanence. For instance, we created a unique campaign brochure for Pingree School for mail distribution. Then we repurposed the content into a large poster for distribution to students and family, thus creating an enduring message.

Repurposing Content : Pingree

One last piece of advice…be sure to include messaging in your brand guideline. This will allow easy access to content when advertising and other marketing needs arise. Having your mission and messages available will also maintain brand consistency throughout your marketing initiatives.

Speaking of brand guidelines, have you seen our essential online brand guides? They have everything you need to effectively distribute your guide and assets to your marketing community. Check one out here…and don’t forget your athletic brand guidelines!

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