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Cost Effective Solutions for Real-Time Content Personalization in Your School’s Website

Get your web content to the right prospects at the right time

If you’re tasked with creating digital content for your school, chances are you have been bombarded with information regarding the importance of content personalization.

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As such, you’ve likely spent countless hours understanding your target groups and crafting just the right messages for them. Just as important to the messaging, however, is effectively delivering it to your audiences. Enter real-time content personalization.

What is real-time content personalization?

Simply put, real-time personalization is a way to automatically deliver tailored content to different groups of visitors to your site. Data is gathered when someone visits your site. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • What website referred the person
  • Where the person is located
  • What content the person has viewed or previously engaged with

In turn, you can use that data to target visitors and serve them relevant content. Real-time personalization encourages visitors to linger on your site, while directing them to the information they need, and inviting them to take action.

What can real-time personalization do for your school’s website?

Putting everything for everyone on the homepage is no doubt something to avoid on all websites. However, for schools, it’s often a struggle to make sure all departments — from admissions to advancement — are accurately represented. In it’s simplest form, personalization can deliver the right content to the right person at the right time to improve communication with your visitors and and lead them down a path to drive engagement, enrollment, or donations.

relevant content

Personalization ideas for your school

OK…let’s get down to business! Here are a few ways we can apply real-time personalization to your school’s website.

  1. Headlines that engage right from the start:
    Personalize the headline of a page based on where they are in your admissions funnel. We can determine if it’s a user’s first visit (awareness phase), or if they are a repeat visitor (consideration phase), and display the headline that’s most pertinent to that stage. Alternatively, we can greet someone based on whether they are referred to your site, or if they visiting directly with no referral. Think of the possibilities for engagement with the one of the very first things site visitors see…your headline!
  2. Encourage social sharing:
    A visitor shared your blog post! Now what? Reward that person with a better site experience when they return. Serve up more content that they are more likely to engage with and share since you now know what was interesting to them the first time around.
  3. Show content based on page interests:
    Based on a user’s navigation path the first time on your site, we can make inferences about their interests. As a result, we can serve up content relative to that experience the second time they visit. For instance, let’s say a prospective parent visits your grade 7-9 academic program page. When they visit the site again, serve up a bit of news about the 7th grade class, an article about a 9th grade faculty member, or simply display a photo of a student in that age-range.
  4. Donor engagement:
    Personalization isn’t just a great tool for admissions. Create calls-to-action that are appropriate for where users are in an advancement funnel based on prior form submissions, inquiries, or donations. Bring them closer to conversion with relevant CTAs.
  5. Self-selection to encourage event attendance: 
    The Fessenden School Open House microsite
     uses self-selection questions to serve-up relevant content based on user input, and encourages visitors to attend an Admissions Event to learn more. As a result of this campaign, open house attendance went up a whopping 45% from previous years.

To help you achieve your objective with your web content, Graphic Details can:

  • help you segment your audience, and create messaging that resonates with each target group  
  • design and develop a website, microsite, or landing page structured to support real-time content personalization 
  • collect the resulting data to help you analyze the difference it’s making in your prospect’s engagement

Will it break the bank?

All of this sounds complex and expensive, right? Well, if you’ve looked into tools to help you deploy and analyze real-time content personalization on your site, you probably found it usually comes with a very high price tag. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to!

We build websites that offer cost-conscious options for incorporating real-time personalization into your website, campaign microsite, or landing page.

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