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We’re Putting the “e – a – t” in Creativity.

Recipes to keep you creative and comforted!

During the quarantine, the GD crew is putting the “e-a-t” back in creativity. We are using some of our time at home to get creative and experiment with recipes in the kitchen. Here are a few of the dishes we’ve enjoyed making over the past few weeks.


Jaimie tested out a cake with a bit of a twist! If you are lucky enough to find flour and baking ingredients at the grocery store, this Mediterranean Yogurt Cake is a great recipe to try when you’re feeling creative.


What’s better than a Macaroni Skillet that is delicious and doesn’t include any dairy? This is one of Nat’s go-to comfort food recipes that anyone will enjoy!


Comfort food makes everything better. This Macaroni and Peas recipe that Brenda’s grandmother would often make will keep you feeling warm and cozy!


Megan dug up an old favorite of hers—Sweet Potato Bread. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste like sweet potato but instead creates a buttery bread that will pair well with any meal or spread.

Hopefully these recipes will spark some creativity in your kitchen!

Let us know how you've been getting creative in the kitchen!

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