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Peace of Mind Website Maintenance

Understand your website's performance with our new monthly report.

Spring means putting away everything wool that we’ve held dear for the last four months. However, warm weather clothes don’t always fit over winter hibernation bodies. The beginning of the year struggle happens to a lot of people…it just means we need to lay off the trivia night nachos and give ourselves a little TLC. This fit-into-your-favorite-pants phenomenon has inspired Graphic Details to launch an all new monthly website maintenance report that will update you on the fitness of your site. Whether or not you stick to that all-kale diet, you can rest assured knowing your website is in good shape.

Calculating Your Website’s Fitness Level

The efficiency of your website is monumental to your business. A website that loads slowly, crashes from updates, or isn’t search engine optimized is a bad reflection on your organization. Of course, with every site we create at Graphic Details, we follow a rigorous build workflow, followed by extensive pre-launch and post-launch checklists to ensure your site is robust and healthy from the get-go. Then, our maintenance program keeps your site running efficiently day-in and day-out. Now, you can see first-hand how your site is performing. Each month, we will send you a Graphic Details Data Digest (try saying that five times fast) for an overview of your website’s performance particulars from the past month.

Your Website Maintenance Report

Your monthly Graphic Details Data Digest will consist of four different elements:
  1. Site plugin updates
  2. Backup information
  3. Uptime statistics
  4. Analytics overview including site sessions and page views
Website Maintenance PantsThis quick glance into some important site statistics will keep you up-to-date on the health of your site. However, if you choose not to read it, you can be certain that Graphic Details is keeping a constant eye on things. We work hard to make sure every website we build fits into its proverbial pants for the rest of its virtual life.  

To find out more about how we take care of one of your most important marketing assets, contact us! 

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