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Cummings Printing

We have been working with Cummings for years. We help them with their design needs, while they are an invaluable resource for printing magazines and other publications. Together, we have crafted a new website design as well as memorable print and email campaigns.

About Cummings Printing

Cummings Printing is a full-service publication printer. Started in 1914, the company has built a reputation for competitive pricing, flexible scheduling and personal service.

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Cummings Website Home

A Brand New Website Design

We paired a strong color palette and simple graphic elements with a suite of custom illustrations to accentuate the human touch so unique to Cummings.

Along with offering the usual information, their site has a handful of useful tools and a collection of technical notes to make the design-to-print flow as seamless and painless as possible.

Cummings Website Tools Page
Cummings Email

From Website to Inbox

We helped Cummings carry their new aesthetic from their website into an email and print ad campaign with additional custom illustrations.

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