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Open House Interactive Landing Pages

Our interactive landing pages create a more meaningful early engagement opportunity with prospective parents. Traditional landing pages gather basic data, a gamified, interactive page allows you to ask more comprehensive questions in an enticing way, and rewards users with customized, relevant information in return! Ultimately, this results in a more personalized experience for your prospects, and more constructive data for you to use at your Open House and beyond.

About Open House Interactive Landing Pages

School enrollment hinges upon the “aha” moment that transpires when prospective families visit school campuses. We worked with The Fessenden School in West Newton, MA to inspire more families through their door in 2017.

Fessenden Open House RSVP Home Page

The Challenge

The Fessenden School’s track record of strong enrollment hinges upon the “aha!” moment that transpires when prospective families visit campus. Strong attendance at open house and admissions events is crucial to their success.

The Results

We created an open house landing page that guides prospective parents through a series of simple but comprehensive questions with gamified buttons and transitions. By analyzing these responses, Fessenden was better prepared to customize their open house experience and directly deliver the information that mattered most to each visitor.

Fessenden Open House RSVP Rating Concerns Page
Fessenden Open House RSVP Results Page

User-Specific Results

After form submission, the user is presented with content relevant to their selections (think video and blog posts!), encouraging them to learn more about the school in advance of attendance.

How Fessenden Fared

In 2017, Fessenden saw a 45% increase in attendance at their open house. They were also armed with essential, customized data to follow-up with each attendee in a more meaningful way than ever before after the event.

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