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IMEC America

In 2018, IMEC partnered with Graphic Details to create a website that would clearly define their programs, and visually outline the process of partnering with them to become a Changemaker. These goals were achieved with bold graphics, a streamlined user interface, and impeccably written content.

About IMEC America

IMEC and its Alliance Partners and Volunteers transform the lives of under-resourced people around the world by delivering the essential equipment, training, and tools needed to build healthy, stable, and safe communities for all.

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A Whole New Look

IMEC America needed a website design to share their mission with an audience of potential project partners, volunteers, and donors. We created a site that would uphold their values, meet all of their content needs, and provide a digital space to tell their compelling stories.

IMEC America

IMEC America

Unique Icons

IMEC’s initiatives of sustainability and change-making were the inspiration behind the design of a series of icons that illustrate their products and services.

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