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Malden Catholic High School

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Malden Catholic is a private college-preparatory school. A client since 2011, they recently underwent a significant transformation from an all-boys school to a codivisional school that provides single-sex learning environments for boys and girls. As a part of our work together, we developed an advertising and marketing strategy to reach out to new families, developed a dynamic open house microsite and personalized yield campaign landing pages, and created a modular viewbook.

Graphic Details has grown from a service provider to a partner with Malden Catholic.  The professionals at Graphic Details are always responsive, upbeat and happy to take on a project – big or small, short or long lead time.  We rely on them, not only for fresh, creative thinking, but also to maintain and support our brand identity in a very competitive market.

Robert Gregory, Director of Marketing and Communications
Malden Catholic Codivisional Infographic

Data Visualization / Infographic
Illustrating New School Educational Model

School Yield Marketing
Malden Catholic Yield Landing Page

Dynamic Open House Microsite and Personalized Yield Landing Page

Read more about our Open House and Yield Campaign ideas!

Crystal Hi-Lites Alumni Magazine

Fall Donor Direct Mailer


Modular Viewbook

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