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Smoky Quartz Distillery

Graphic Details and Smoky Quartz Distillery owner Kevin Kurland collaborated on the branding he needed to get his new shop up and running. Together, we developed an identity that is strong, clean, and unique.

About Smoky Quartz Distillery

Smoky Quartz Distillery is a Veteran owned and operated craft distillery that creates truly exceptional spirits.

Bold Bottles

The bottle design is bold and clear to help it retain legibility on shelves, while remaining true to the brand aesthetic.

Smoky Quartz Bottles
Smoky Quartz Website

A Streamlined Web Experience

The Smoky Quartz site is concise and clean, focusing on distillery tours and the products themselves.

Expanding on the Brand

We also worked with Smoky Quartz to create additional collateral that complements the brand.

Smoky Quartz Shirt
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