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Fessenden Summer Programs

The Challenge

Create a new visual identity and web site for Fessenden Summer Camps that differentiates the program from competitors, as well as The Fessenden School's own brand standards. Since the camp is co-ed and the school is all-boys, it was important that all aspects of the identity emphasized inclusivity, while appealing to young kids, older kids, and parents.

The Results

A bright, clean, 2-color Fessenden Summer logo "jumps" up off of the baseline, as a child might leap into summer. The large Fessenden "F" references the school's slab-serif in its branding, while featuring a small yellow sun. When standing alone, the Summer "F" and sun appears as an exclamation point saying, "Yes! Summer!" — something that both kids and parents can relate to. Liberal use of custom illustrations, mixed with carefully chosen photos, carry the new visual brand into the web site with consistency and energy.

Fessenden Summer Programs provide children with a joyful experience that stays with them not just for the summer, but for a lifetime – an experience that builds character and provides skills that benefit them in Fessenden programs and beyond.

Custom Icon Creation

We developed a custom icon set with an energetic and casual aesthetic to use across digital and print media.

Fessenden Summer Program Icons
Fessenden Summer Program Website

Program-Specific Website Design

The Fessenden Summer website features the four different camp programs (Day Camp, Sports Camps, English Explorers, and Specialty Camps) equally, with large, vibrant photos and illustrated icons for the different sections of the site.

Marketing Mailers

Fessenden Summer Program Mailer

Banners & Signage

Fessenden Summer Program Banner


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