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ServicesAward-Winning Digital Publications

Turn your print publication into an interactive experience for your readers

Award-winning digital magazines, newsletters, and impact reports.

We still love creating traditional print magazines, newsletters and reports, but there’s a time and a place for interactive, digital versions as well. There are lots of options to consider to maintain usability and readability. We’re here to guide you to creating a successful online publication. Here are some reasons for going online with your publication:

1. Updatable: make changes to the publication yourself anytime with our user-friendly content management system.
2. Engaging: draw attention to specific information and calls-to-action with animations and subtle transitions.
3. Shareable: include features that are sharable on social media, such as video or audio.
4. Flexible: recipients can access it anytime, anywhere, and can easily share it with others.
5. Lastly, they are cost-effective to produce and environmentally-friendly

St. Joseph’s Prep President’s Report

Winner of the Silver CUPPIE (College and University Public Relations) Award, 2022

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