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SchoolsPersonalized Open House Landing Pages

Improve Open House Attendance With an Interactive Landing Page for Students and Families

School enrollment often hinges upon the “aha” moment that transpires when prospective students and families visit during an open house. But first, you have to get them there! Amp up your Open House RSVPs with an interactive and engaging landing page.

The “aha” moment is the point where a connection is made with your prospects … when they know it’s the right place for their child’s education. Inspire more families at your Open House this year and capture valuable data to use at your Open House and beyond.

Our interactive landing pages create meaningful engagement with prospective parents. Traditional landing pages gather basic data. Our interactive pages engage with prospects using an enjoyable, gamified interface. We gather valuable data in an unobtrusive way, and in return, we reward users with information relevant to their responses. The results? A more personalized RSVP experience for your prospects, and more constructive data for you to use in your recruitment efforts. Win-win!

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