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Is your school progressing while your identity remains stuck in the past?

A dated brand isn’t doing anyone any favors. Let's create an identity that shows-off your forward thinking approach to academics.

The decision to redesign your school identity can be challenging. If your current visual identity has fostered support from alumni, parents, or administration, there is always a nagging fear of backlash when considering a change. Does the school need a complete identity overhaul, or simply a refresh? Should you involve your community in the process? If so, how? We are here to help walk you through each step in the decision making process and beyond. As for your final logo…well, we know the end result will be something everyone will be proud of.

A clearly defined and instantly recognizable visual identity will differentiate your school from competitors, foster school pride, and provide a strong foundation for marketing and development opportunities. Equally as important, your identity must be flexible enough to be effectively applied to both modern and traditional media and merchandise.

Indian Mountain School cupola drawing - school branding services

Indian Mountain School

Compass Rose Logo - School branding services

Compass Rose Academy

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