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Want to Know More About Us?

We don’t want to brag, but we’re pretty awesome. We've been around for almost 3 decades and we're still going strong!

Graphic Details, Inc. is a design, development, and strategy studio celebrating our 28th year in business in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

We create web, print and digital marketing solutions for schools, nonprofits, and socially responsible businesses. We think holistically about branding, helping our clients deepen relationships with their audience through novel technical solutions. We do this by creating smart and artful content that works with existing systems to unify your brand message, strategy, and identity.

The Graphic Details team is made up of amateur food critics, pet parents, smartphone photographers, musicians, car enthusiasts, TV bingers, and wizards. (Seriously, our clients have called us wizards on more than one occasion!) Each member of our team is approachable, proactive, and informed, ensuring that every project — no matter how big or small — conveys an intentional and accurate reflection of your brand.

Who we are:

Brenda Riddell

Owner/Creative Director


Brenda is a designer, educator, and entrepreneur. Her career in the graphics industry spans 22 years and includes typesetting, print production, and print and web design in both in-house and agency settings. She started designing and coding web sites in 1997 and continues to be involved in all of our client projects as creative director. Brenda believes that teaching design is the best way to keep skills fresh and remain on-trend. As such, she has taught graphic design-related courses for over 16 years, most recently for the graphic design department at New Hampshire Institute of Art. Her passion lies in finding innovative and cost-conscious solutions to unique design problems, whether in print or online.

Jaimie Knapp

Design Director


Jaimie joined the Graphic Details team in 2004. She has a varied skill set ranging from print design and production to digital user experience. A self-proclaimed InDesign geek, Jaimie searches for efficient ways to get big projects done accurately and on budget. Her education in user experience has helped to reshape the web design process at Graphic Details, as well as to firmly establish the UX foundation of many web development projects for our clients.

Nathaniel Parker Raymond

Designer/Front End Developer


Nat is a graphic artist with years of experience in design and illustration and is comfortable working with a wide array of traditional and digital media. His passions for technology and problem-solving have led him into the fields of web and app design, where he enjoys exploring the ever-evolving tools for designing interactive experiences. He earned his B.F.A. in printmaking and drawing from the University of New Hampshire.​ He plays bass in KYOTY, creates music under the moniker Conquered, and co-owns the Deafening Assembly record label.

Phil Smith

Web Developer


Phil has created custom WordPress themes with a strong focus on SEO for over 12 years. In addition to WordPress, he also has experience in building Drupal, Joomla, and e-commerce sites. Phil’s customer service skills set him apart from others in this industry. His ability to work through complex issues and educate clients on best practices is second to none. Phil considers himself a car buff, and in his free time he enjoys working on and racing his custom built cars.

Megan Tracy



Megan graduated from James Madison University with a B.F.A. in graphic design. She enjoys creating digital illustrations, unique brand identities, and crisp, communicative designs that solve problems for our clients. Megan isn’t afraid to experiment with color, texture, and bold graphics to bring her ideas to life. When she’s not designing, you’ll find her in the gym, cooking up something nutritious, or out exploring a new place.

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