We don’t want to brag, but we’re pretty awesome.

We’re a woman-owned print design and web development agency celebrating our 32nd year in business! 

We create web, print and digital marketing solutions for schools, nonprofits, and socially responsible businesses. Our holistic design strategies help our clients create memorable experiences that effectively and sustainably deepen relationships with their audience.

Our Manifesto

Our manifesto sums up our philosophy and creative approach. It’s not just about the work we do, but why and how we do it: 

  • Manifesto illustration - artful content. Two faces, one talking, the other thinking, with design form appearing in the dialogue

    We Create Artful Content

    Our work is skillfully produced to create emotional connections between our clients and their audience.
  • Manifesto illustration - intentional work. A person balancing functionality and design.

    Our Work is Intentional

    We make balanced and deliberate design and functionality choices.
  • Manifesto illustration - inquisitive and informed. Person walking up stairs of books toward knowledge

    We are Inquisitive and Informed

    We maintain a culture of learning to update and diversify our skills. We actively listen and ask questions to deepen our understanding of one another.
  • MaManifesto illustration - conversational language. A person speaking into a cup and string telephone.

    Our Language is Conversational

    We aim for straightforward, informed, and honest presentation of information.
  • MaManifesto illustration - collaborative and inclusive. A person listening to a cup and string telephone.

    Our Team is Collaborative and Inclusive

    We value each other's ideas and perspectives and make decisions together.
  • Manifesto illustration - supportive. A person proving support for another person to climb high.

    We are Supportive

    We celebrate our successes together, while acknowledging and learning from our mistakes.
  • Manifesto illustration - work environment. A person walking through a doorway, transforming from business to fun mode.

    We Value Our Work Environment

    We look for opportunities both in and out of the office to have fun, connect with each other, and fuel our creativity.
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  • GD office, working on a laptop with coffee mug
  • GD office, posters

Who We Are

The Graphic Details team is made up of pet parents, gastronomes, musicians, motorheads, photographers, comedians, and wizards. (Seriously, our clients have called us wizards on more than one occasion!)

Each member of our team is approachable, proactive, and informed, ensuring that every project — no matter how big or small — conveys an intentional and accurate reflection of your brand.

The Team

  • Sydney has spent over a decade working in creative spaces in and around New Hampshire’s seacoast as a photographer, designer, email marketer, and more. An organization junkie and left-brained creative, she’s passionate about distilling big ideas down into actionable items and her unique skill set provides empathy and understanding for project stakeholders on all sides. When she’s not at work, you can catch her running her photography business, Sydney Bilodeau Photography, out hiking and exploring New England, or hanging at home with her husband and two dogs (probably watching the X-Files).

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  • Kaitlyn was born and raised in the Seacoast and has spent two decades designing print materials, the latter half of those as the Senior Designer and Brand Manager at The Music Hall. Her passion lies in solving the complex puzzle of large publications, balancing content and client needs together into one cohesive piece. Along with design work, Kaitlyn spent many years working behind the scenes in local theater productions and producing Darwin’s Waiting Room comedy troupe, including bringing their show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. A dog lover and a travel enthusiast, when Kaitlyn’s not at her desk you can find her (or not) in Scotland, Italy, or wherever is next.

  • Nat is a graphic artist with two decades of experience in design and illustration and is comfortable working with a wide array of traditional and digital media. He earned his B.F.A. in printmaking and drawing from the University of New Hampshire. He creates music under the monikers Conquered and Avoided Space.

  • Brenda is a designer, educator, and entrepreneur. Her career in the graphics industry spans 29 years. She started designing and coding web sites in 1997 and continues to be involved in all of our client projects as creative director. Brenda taught design-related courses for over 16 years, most recently for the graphic design department at New Hampshire Institute of Art. Brenda is also passionate about animal welfare. She volunteers with several animal rescues, and is the creator of artfortheunderdog.com and straightoffthastreets.com, sites that aim to raise awareness of animal homelessness and neglect.

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  • Phil has created custom WordPress themes with a strong focus on SEO for over 12 years. In addition to WordPress, he also has experience in building Drupal, Joomla, and e-commerce sites. Phil’s customer service skills set him apart from others in this industry. His ability to work through complex issues and educate clients on best practices is second to none. Phil considers himself a car buff, and in his free time he enjoys working on and racing his custom built cars.

  • Megan graduated from James Madison University with a B.F.A. in graphic design. She enjoys creating digital illustrations, unique brand identities, and crisp, communicative designs that solve problems for our clients. Megan isn’t afraid to experiment with color, texture, and bold graphics to bring her ideas to life. When she’s not designing, you’ll find her in the gym, cooking up something nutritious, or out exploring a new place.

Brenda working in the GD office
Megan & Nat working in the GD office
Sydney watching boats from the office window
Otto pillow in the GD office

The Client-Creative Connection

Our team may be small, but we are efficient and offer a unique alternative to larger agencies. We believe in direct contact between our clients and the creative staff working on their projects. Unlike many agencies that put “gatekeepers” between clients and the creative staff, we want to minimize any barriers to communication. We encourage our clients to speak directly with the individuals who are designing and managing their projects so that they can be an active and meaningful part of the creative process.

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"Graphic Details strikes the impossible balance of feeling like a small shop that intimately knows your brand, while delivering the high quality work of a big agency. Perhaps the best thing about working with Graphic Details is the creative process. It doesn't happen in silos; it is a fun, collaborative process in which their team effectively quarterbacks the discussion and keeps the group on track, while allowing everyone to feel a sense of ownership in the choices that are made."
Aly Morrissey, Former COO and Director of Communication
Indian Mountain School