What role does a viewbook play in today’s admissions funnel?

Google, review sites, social media channels, and referrals—admissions professionals know that prospects are using these tools and more to learn as much as possible early in their search for the right school. How can a viewbook, traditionally an overview sent after inquiry, remain relevant when prospects already know so much at that stage? More importantly, how can we engage with prospective families more personally and early in their search? The solution is a viewbook that provides a unique, personalized perspective of what it’s like to be a student at a school, delivered before inquiry. An interactive viewbook is the key to the success of this approach.

What is an interactive viewbook?

Imagine a microsite that immediately serves dynamic content based on a prospect’s chosen interests without forcing them to navigate through a large website. Interactive viewbooks deliver a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type experience that efficiently and immediately displays personalized content to the visitor, driving them to take action.

Prospects gain a sense of belonging early in their school search.

When prospective families are served personalized content, they immerse themselves in an environment where they begin to feel connected with a school. They experience what it’s like to be a student there, giving them a real sense of place–even before setting foot on campus.

The significance of connecting with students and parents on a more personalized level early in their search cannot be understated. In his article “Feeling Understood—Even More Important Than Feeling Loved?”, Leon F Seltzer PhD states, “We all need to feel that we’re related to a community of (at least relatively) like-minded individuals. Such an expanded perception of self helps to make our lives feel more meaningful, more purposeful — and it contributes to a sense of personal value as well.”

Create a flexible, engaging touch-point for families.

An interactive viewbook enhances outreach efforts at any stage of an admission strategy. Current students can connect with like-minded prospective students through curated videos, stories, and testimonials. By acknowledging pain points such as transportation or financial aid, admissions officers can speak to parents’ concerns they would typically have to dig for on a large website. Calls-to-action can be customized based on the intended use throughout the academic year.

Generate valuable data for enhanced student engagement.

The analytics generated from visitors’ journeys will enhance understanding of a prospect’s preferences. In turn, engagement strategies can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

We have had nothing but positive feedback about our interactive viewbook. The valuable data we gathered from it about our prospects’ main interests helped us further target our messaging at our open house.”

Kevin Altieri, VP for Enrollment Management at Fairfield College Preparatory School

The role of print.

Even with the many benefits of this immersive experience, we cannot underestimate the power of print! It is still important to create some form of printed admissions collateral as a tangible reminder of the unique qualities of a school.

Together, an interactive viewbook and printed leave-behinds create a holistic approach to outreach, aiding in earlier engagement, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating a lasting impact on prospects.

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