Have you heard the term “responsive logo” and wondered what it means? In a nutshell, a responsive logo takes elements of a main logo and adapts it to various sizes without sacrificing brand recognition. Why bother creating a responsive logo? Your logo needs to be legible in many environments from print to digital, including collateral, websites, social media, signage, and even merchandise. Responsive logos are a practical and necessary solution to keeping your visual identity intact as digital and print environments expand.

What changes do we consider when creating a responsive logo?

In addition to changing the size of your logo, we may also consider changing the structure by stacking or rearranging elements, or adding or removing details to scale it down properly.  The Walt Disney logo seen here is a good example of shifting the details of a logo around to accommodate various digital devices.

Why are responsive logos important?

  • Legibility. Think about what your logo looks like when viewed on a tiny smartphone or smartwatch screen or in your latest advertisement. Having a responsive logo will keep your brand streamlined and recognizable no matter where it’s used.
  • Don’t miss out on any branding opportunities because of limitations with your logo! A responsive logo should look good and convey your identity in any situation. 
  • Taking the time to create a responsive logo shows your audience that you’re aware of, and care about, the many ways that they interact with your brand. 
Jeanne Geiger Institute logos

No matter where your logo appears, a responsive logo will help retain form and function across all platforms and spaces.

Convinced that a responsive logo is essential to building your brand? We can adapt an existing logo or create a new identity!

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