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Favorite Fur Babies Revisited

Get to know the GD team!

Updated for 2020! Welcome to the fourth installment of “Get to Know the GD Team!” After sharing the music that fuels our days, our most revered album artwork, and inspirational design trends, we thought it was important to talk about the real issues: PETS. However, we won’t be describing our animals in the normal sense (e.g. Loves ruining any and all furniture, can only eat hypoallergenic food, jumps on visitors). Instead, we’ll be describing them based on the television characters they would play if they were humans. Read on to learn about our star-studded cast of favorite fur babies.

Favorite Fur Babies

Brenda Riddell, Owner/Creative Director

Resident Pup: Otto (A.K.A. Ottonomous D.O.G. — and his friends at doggie daycare call him Ottobot)

How you doin’?

Otto is a lot like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. He’s small, cute, timid, innocent, and at times, anxious. But, he has a big heart and tries to be brave to protect his family and friends, especially from the scary chipmunks in our yard that tease him daily. He’s also a little like Joey Tribiani from Friends…goofy, loyal, and loves food and the ladies.

Nathaniel Raymond, Designer/Illustrator

Favorite Fur Baby: Oblina the Cat (A.K.A. Oblilbo, Boo)

Oblina is a cat and therefore only engages in activities that interest her: lap-sitting, box-napping, and potted-meat-eating. She is prone to the zoomies on occasion.

We couldn’t decide if she was more Creed Bratton, Stanley Hudson, or April Ludgate. She’s basically all the surly, lazy, hungry, weirdos on TV. And she sometimes sleeps under the couch.

Caught Oblina red-handed!

Purrhaps she likes basking in the sun

Jaimie Knapp, Design Director

Favorite Fur Baby: Rocket the Cat (A.K.A. Rocket Man, Buddy Bear)

Rocket came to me via my cousin who lived in Rhode Island at the time, who got him from her ex who shipped him from Denver after his roommate’s girlfriend gifted them a cat they were allergic to. Basically, no one wanted him and after a few glasses of wine on Thanksgiving, I decided I would love to foster a kitten until my cousin could move into a place that allowed pets at the end of her lease… May rolls around and she moved into an apartment that allowed pets. And promptly adopted a kitten. So Rocket was stuck with me… or I was stuck with him. 12 years later and I’m still not sure which way that works.

If there was a TV character who was a complete jerk until you threaten to ship him to the SPCA and then he got all sweet on you, that would be Rocket. But for lack of such comparison, we’ll go with Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer… he’s likable to an extent but still eats people. I’m waiting for the part where he gets his soul and turns good … and maybe he’ll stop biting.

He sure is pretty though.

Rocket as a kitten
(Disclaimer: No, you can’t have him. Yes, he’s a pain, but he’s mine and I love him.)

Megan Tracy, Graphic Designer

Favorite Fur Baby: Charlie the Cat (A.K.A. Charles or Baby Cat)

Charlie is my cat that I “accidentally” brought home from college (sorry, mom) thanks to a woman that worked at the James Madison University print shop. She’s basically terrified of the world, even though she WAS a feral kitten, but at the same time loves to cuddle, play fetch, and is always meowing.

I would probably describe her as being much like Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats. She’s awkward, scared to eat alone, but always loyal and super sweet to me. She tends to fly under the radar and just follow me around on my adventures, so I guess this makes me Tommy?

What an a-cat-demic
Charles isn’t scared…just pawsive aggressive

Kim Vogel, Website and Digital Marketing Specialist

Favorite Fur Babies: Hadrian and Freya (A.K.A The Ravenous Chonk and Our Sweet Blind Rescue Kitty)

Hadrian has been my buddy since I moved into my partner’s home several years ago. He’s been a member of the family since he was old enough to be adopted by his kitty dad, aka my partner. Hadrian loves food – all of it. And he’s not above waking me up at 4:30 am to get it. He loves pets and he especially loves being outside, even in the rain and snow. He survived a car accident that made him the neighborhood cone kitty for several months. He’s famous now. He chases foxes too, but I’m pretty sure he just wants them to stay and play.

Hadrian is like Wimpy from Popeye. He’s a friendly guy who likes the food, is smart, but kind of a dubba and he’ll do anything to get extra food.

Our other fur baby, Freya, came to us a year ago as a rescue. She’s a sweet, gentle, quiet girl with long hair and a seizure disorder. The vet has confirmed she is blind, but you would only know it by the way she occasionally bumps into things. She does not like to be touched and grooming her has been challenging. Not because she’s difficult, but because I hate to cause her distress. In her year with us, she has made social progress by leaps and bounds. Our goal is to allow her to be her kitty self in the safest environment possible for as long as we have with her.

Freya is like Arya Stark. She’s quiet. She’s very pretty, but you probably shouldn’t touch her.

Hadrian and his Cone of Shame
Sweet Freya striking a pose

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