As the elite eight games barrel towards us this weekend, our team was wondering if we could draw any parallels between the rollercoaster of emotions, excitement, and bracket-shattering upsets of March Madness and the complex process of managing our website projects.

Ok ok, that’s a little dramatic, we know. But it had us thinking…what if Graphic Details were a basketball team on a fast-break to victory? All the planning and strategies that NCAA teams put into the tournament might just be able to teach us valuable lessons about project management and collaboration during the excitement of a website build.

1. Defining the Project: Setting Your Sights on a Championship-Worthy Website

Just as every NCAA team has its sights set on cutting down the net, your website project needs clear objectives from the outset. Whether you’re launching a new site or revamping an existing one, using your goals to define your project’s scope and deliverables is key. Think of it as creating a winning game plan—a strong strategy is essential for success.

2. Planning the Project: Mapping Out Your Website Development Bracket

How is a project plan for a website like filling out an NCAA bracket, you may ask? Listen, we know the chances of your NCAA bracket being 100% accurate are slim and that best-laid project plans can sometimes fall apart.

The more you know the game and its history, the higher the likelihood of a successful bracket. We spend time researching, auditing, and analyzing your current website so we can identify key tasks, set deadlines, allocate resources, and be prepared to adapt to challenges to pave the way for a successful website launch. 

3. Executing the Project: Teamwork and Collaboration for a Slam Dunk

Players aren’t the only driving force to success in a top-seed team. From the Head Coach to the Athletic Trainer, to the Scouts and Nutritionists, the supporting members of a basketball team play a huge role in delivering a championship-level performance.

At a web design agency, project managers, web designers, and web developers are among the many roles that help bring a new website to life–not to mention the client’s pivotal role as a collaborator!

4. Monitoring and Controlling the Project: Adjusting Your Web Development Game Plan

As the saying goes “the best offense is a good defense” and that is no different than how we approach project managing a website build. There will always be surprises no matter how well you plan. Like a savvy coach adjusting strategies during March Madness, project managers monitor progress and make necessary changes to stay on track. And trust me: I have great court awareness when it comes to a website build, but don’t put me on your intramural team. I’ll stick to the play-by-play!

5. Closing the Project: Cutting Down the Virtual Nets

Congratulations! After sweating like a championship-winning NCAA team, it’s almost time to go live. But don’t let up now! You have to play the full 40 minutes of the championship game before the final buzzer. Launching a website is no small task. We test and retest to make sure everything is in order. Once we give the all-clear, you can cut down the net and enjoy your win with your teammates.

By applying the principles of teamwork, planning, and adaptability that we see from this year’s NCAA teams, you can lead your next website project to new heights. And while the GD team likely couldn’t win a high school basketball game (except for, maybe Brenda who –fun fact– played basketball for most of her life), the Graphic Details team can build you a Cinderella Story website, without all the nail-biting stress.

So, grab your playbook, assemble your dream team, and get ready to score big with us for all your web development needs!

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