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Thinking of a New Visual Identity for Your School? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions First!

How to Start a Rebrand Conversation with Your Team

The need for a school to rebrand is often “the elephant in the room.” Everyone knows it’s there, but no one want to address it. Organizations often just need a confident “zookeeper” to start a conversation for change. Enter Graphic Details, a design and strategy team that knows the intricacies of rebranding a school — from a visual identity refresh to a whole new brand strategy.

Hello my name is school rebrand elephant

Rebrand Conversation Starters/ Elephant Handlers

At Graphic Details, we understand the “elephant in the room phenomenon”. As a matter of fact, we are currently going through a rebrand of our own! In today’s post, we are going to share some questions to ask yourselves when deciding whether or not to change your visual identity or whole brand.

If you are nervous about the backlash from your community about rebranding, our design director, Jaimie Knapp, has some words of wisdom: “For schools, a stagnant brand isn’t doing anyone any favors. Classroom technology is changing and more prominent than ever. It may be an important driver for decision-making on enrollment. A stagnant or dated identity does not convey forward thinking.”

  1. Does your current visual identity command attention/is it memorable?
  2. Does your audience have a difficult time understanding what your logo is about at first glance?
  3. Does your brand evoke a pertinent emotional response from your audience?
  4. Do you feel as though your school has evolved away from your current brand and/or visual identity?
  5. Is your school trying to reach a different audience than when your current identity was originally designed?
  6. Does your visual identity differentiate you from other schools?
  7. Could your brand reflect the personality of your school more effectively?
  8. Is there a lack of interest from your team to share your current visual identity with your community?
  9. Could your identity system be more flexible for use in both print AND digital?
  10. Do you or would you have difficulty developing a sub-brand if needed (a product, department, service, or association that is affiliated with your parent brand?

We’ve worked with plenty of schools to define or refine their brand.

Learn More About School Branding

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it’s time to hire that zookeeper!

Graphic Details can help refine your brand identity. To discuss whether your school or business needs a rebrand…

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